Video Poker Games Of Deal Or No Deal Hits Casinos

Gamblit Gaming made an announcement last week that it would be launching skill game machines of Deal or No Deal Poker on casino floors. The games were unveiled previously at the Global Gaming Expo and are likely to go live sometime this year.

The games were formed in collaboration with a subsidiary of Endemol Shine Group, a company which formed the hit Deal or No Deal television program. It is basically a luck based game that has some bits of tactics involved. In the show, the contest selects from 1 to 26 closed briefcases and each of it has different denominations of money. It can be a penny or a million dollars. The contestant begins to eliminate 6 of the remaining cases in the 1st round post which a banker provides a dollar offer to the contestant depending on the percentage of values of the remaining briefcases. The contestant can select to go to the offer or continue to risk that the briefcase chosen may have more money in it. The game continues from there and the contestant eliminates more briefcases and the banker gives more offer till the time the participant ends up wither with his briefcase or the offer.

Deal or No Deal Poker is a single player game and is basically a video poker. There are 5 cards, to begin with, and the player selects the ones he wants to hold similar to the video poker. There is a column with 4 briefcases on each card and each of them has a card from the deck. Every time a card is discarded, the contestant can choose one of the 5 briefcases. The new cards will make the final 5-card hand of the player. Similarly, Deal or No Deal Poker Special is a game of 4 players and contestants sit down to compete against one another. Once the members place an equal bet, the briefcases are mixed up in the center of the table. Thereafter, each player chooses one and that will be the possible prize one can win.