Scott Montgomery Always Impresses At WSOP

Everyone who follows the poker game closely would have heard about Scott Montgomery.

He burst onto the poker scene in 2008 and impressed one and all with his poker skills. The year 2008 was a breakthrough year for Scott. He finished the 2008 WPT L.A. Poker Classic in the 5th position and this is his best effort so far in his poker career. He did not stop there and went on to claim the 5th position in the most prestigious WSOP Main Event in 2008. This achievement made everyone sit back and take notice of this wonderful Canadian poker player.

Scott’s career has been up and down for the most part. After his achievement in 2008, he had to wait for 2 more years to make it big at a poker event. This time he won the bracelet by claiming the $1k NL event held as part of the 2010 WSOP. He has not been able to replicate the kind of success that he has had in the 2010 WSOP for the past few years. In fact, his career graph has taken a downward slide and he has not been able to win six-figure prize money since 2012. more

Lawsuit For Players Poker Championship

A lawsuit was filed today in Maryland against a new poker tour. In the lawsuit it was mentioned that, the tour was a fraud, has been accused of doing fraud, and operation of a Ponzi scheme.

The Players Poker Championship was the event organized by Aruba World Championship, it claimed to pay out $200,000 as winning a prize of final table. The event was organized in 2016, and the organizer asked the winning players that their amount will be played later. The organizers lied to the players that delay in payment is because of issues with the Government of Aruban.

The event was organized in the month of November and in the last of December, the winner poker players Stephen Deutsch, Joan Sandoval, John Ott, and Michael Lerner were told that they will receive their respective payment later because of some issues. An email was sent to all the players and informed that funds weren’t available and some arrangement will be done for that soon. more

Police raids two cafes in Nashville, seizes poker machines

On Tuesday, 10 video poker machines were seized by the authority following raids at two Nashville cafes.

The police saw the machines in hidden backrooms in both businesses, as per the officials. They seized four at the Sky Cafe at 2424-A Nolensville Pike and six at Phuong Tay Cafe, located at 3745 Annex Ave.
In a recent release out on Tuesday, police said that staff members at Phuong Tay Cafe were seen to be giving gambling patrons in cash for credits gained on the poker machines. The police stated that 4 payouts were made to a police operative back in October, as well as same types of payouts were made on two times at Sky Cafe. They added that in both businesses the poker machines were placed in hidden backrooms adjacent to the kitchens. As a whole, 10 people were egressed state misdemeanor gambling references in the raid.


Legend of the Game – Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery is a well recognized in the Mecca of Poker, Las Vegas, as a terrific poker talent, having sharp skills, with a bit lazy attitude. Do not judge him by his attitude as his eyes speak a lot about his sharp brain and skills in the game. In 2008 November Nine tournament, he stood the third and at that time, he was just a young Canadian. Soon, he proved his class through some master moves and winning saga. After doing well in 2008 WSOP, he had four more cashes. The biggest of them is definitely being 5th in the main event, winning money of over 3 million USD. In another WSOP cashes, we earned $18,771 at the $1500 NL Hold’em event. Also he managed to clinch two more earning opportunity from WSOP, and they are: $36,025 in the $5,000 NL Hold’em and $18,771 at the $1500 NL Hold’em. Through a sneaky run, he managed to clinch his spots and grab the money from the game.

Being a student of Mathematics and a teacher by profession, it will be sheer mistake to doubt on his skills. However, the man is well backed by lucks too. But, as we all know – luck favors the braves, and he is always brave and confident at the table. He started his career though online poker, from Japan, where he was an English teacher in a local college. Soon, he realized that he has some potential to become one of the greatest of the game. So, he came down to the Mecca of Poker, i.e. Las Vegas and started trying his luck in the game.

He is not like the other mainstream players, as he brings his own cash to the table, not backed with the cash from the sponsors. He was awarded with Ultimate Bet badges for the L.A. Poker Classic recently.

Scott Montgomery – the devoted poker player

Scott Montgomery is based from Ontario, Canada and he is a true devoted poker player. In the year 2008, he was the young Canadian player in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Final Table. Like a lot other poker players, Montgomery too started playing online money games and got $ 1 hands at Ultimate Bet. In WSOP of 2008, Montgomery managed to get himself 4 cashes and came 5th in that Main Event. Scott Montgomery even achieved $ 18,833 at the $ 2,000 NL Hold’em, $ 18,771 at the $ 1500 NL Hold’em event and $ 36, 096 at the NL Hold’em Heads Up Championship.

Scott Montgomery had been playing online since the year 2006, but he became a professional in this field when he took the 5th place in his first big live tournament in L.A. Before the main event, Scott Montgomery’s total live earnings were $ 406,585, where he already achieved $ 9000,000 and in addition to that what he won at final table. As of the year 2010, Montgomery’s total live poker tournament winning go beyond $ 4,000,000 and he drew 14 cashes at the WSOP account for $ 3,712,688 of those winnings.

Unlike the other poker players, Scott Montgomery came with his own cash and unlike his opponents from final table; he appeared with sponsorship deals experience. Scott Montgomery also had Ultimate Bet badges for the L.A. Poker Classic and he achieved two World Poker Tour (WPT) cashes. Most of Montgomery’s big winnings are tied with the long-term investments. Scott Montgomery did not have any plans of obtaining special training or mentoring but he expressed his interest in accepting suggestions. He said that, if anyone advices him willingly, he would not turn them down for sure. He is open to any constructive suggestion, which will help his career positively.

Scott Montgomery Poker Tips

Scott Montgomery is a poker player that hails from Ontario, Canada. In 2010 he won his first bracelet at the World Series of Poker. Two years before, he was one of the final table players finishing fifth at the WSOP Main Event. He has also has two World Poker Tour appearances.

Montgomery is well known for his successful bluffing strategies. In fact, he went all-in in the 2008 WSOP with just an ace and three, eliminating Peter Eastgate. He often advises both amateur and professional players on the art of bluffing. He believes it is not only important to know how to bluff but how to spot your fellow players when they are bluffing. more