1. @notthenextstig lol i was wondering the same thing. but then i finally figured it out. its cuz Eastgate had a full house. and Montgomery had 3 of a kind. Eastgate with his 3 6s and the two aces

  2. I loved this after watching Montgomery’s nasty suckout on Paul Snead (the hand where Tiffany Michelle calls the clock)

  3. @AA72AA72
    Yes. Good players understand that. You dont need to explain it to the Fish.
    we are better off if they think its a bad beat. Helps me make a living.

  4. cause he had three 6’s and 2 A’s for a full house while fatboy was stuck with three A’s only.

    Full House > Three A’s

  5. it’s not even close to a bad beat at all!!! scott was lucky to hit find one of the three aces, let alone TWO

  6. that was awesome how that worked out. montgomery played horribly the whole world series and got lucky time and time again. He had a broken leg of a hand going into the flop, the deck gave him a crutch with an ace, another ace and another crutch on the turn, then the deck shoots him dead in the face!!!

  7. ever consider what eastgate lacks in tv personality makes him a good poker player? his lack of personality and emotion is what makes him so hard to read

  8. Superdave u fkn idiot u dont know shit about him so stfu u fkn poor looser. He has personality it just doesnt seem like it when he speaks english if u know what i mean

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