1. After that river card… He had that look about him that said ‘no, seriously. That didn’t happen.’

  2. Also the ace on the turn wasn’t really a good card for montgomery. Many people don’t get that and thats why you can hear all of them cheering so hard. To ensure his win on the turn he needed any diamond exept queen and 6. That ace didn’t change anything at all…

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  4. even though he came from behind i would go fucking mental. final table and get one outered on the river… i swear i would throw the tabe over ( or try)

  5. @chimapalooza – They do that in almost every WSOP video. It’s so annoying. Eastgate was ahead when the chips went in and that’s all that matters.

    I’m probably all alone but I feel like Montgomery whined until that 6d was dealt. For some reason I just couldn’t take a liking to the guy while watching that year. Just couldn’t. There’s something about him that I just don’t like. A weird creepy something. Dunno what it is though.

  6. Montgomery kept his cool when he hit his Ace on the flop, made trips on the turn AND busted out to the 6d on the river. He showed a lot of class.

  7. The thing i hate about this clip is the commentators saying “Its such a bad beat”
    but no. Its a bad beat for Eastgate if he doesnt hit the 6. because he was a 2-1 favorite to win the hand.
    Montgomery got lucky and hit his ace.. A bad beat is void when the guy who is behind gets lucky then quickly unlucky.

  8. @Dryndal
    Umm. No. In poker a set is when you hold a pair in your hand and another one falls on the board.
    trips are when 2 are on the board. Thats why two people can have Trip aces, but not 2 sets of aces.
    do you see why??

  9. @efker1
    The number 3 is not only used in poker. It is also used in other situations to describe 3 things of somekind…

  10. @Dryndal sets and trips are different, idiot. its basically 3 of a kind, but in different ways.

  11. @Dryndal if you look it up on poker terms, a set is when you have a pocket pair and a third card of the same number comes out on the flop, turn, or river. Trips is when you have something like A6 and two aces show up on the flop. get it straight.

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