Laplante Wins Bracelet In WSOP 2016

There are some poker players seeking the spotlight while many others simply stay away from it.

Only a few poker players have something substantial to say to the world. Ryan Laplante is one of those kinds. He takes immense pride in saying that he is the champion of the World Series of Poker. There is no hesitance shown when he openly calls himself as a gay man. He believes in feeling proud of what you are and who you are. The player chose these words when he won the gold bracelet in WSOP 2016 held in the month of June.

Laplante has overcome all his fears that he faced as a child and is a highly confident man today. He has in fact shown the world how good a champion of poker actually is. Besides earning the first bracelet in the WSOP, the player also racked up 12 cashes completely as he finished in the top 25 in WSOP Player of the Year tournament. Laplante is not the only gay poker player, yet his sexual orientations are always brought up by the media during interviews. He does not mind being gay now that it is legalized in many states of the United States, there is no problem at all.

The player continues to spend maximum time at the tables. He has dabbled only in live cash games and now he is trying his hands on pot limit Omaha. Besides, he has learned mixed games and coaches in his free time on his official site. His life revolves around poker and there is no wonder that he is so passionate about the game. He has been playing this game for more than 6 years now and is quite happy and content with it. He may not earn money at all times, but his poker accomplishments will remain intact with him for life.