1. scott is a good player but that was a stupid bluff. hes risking 40bb to win 10bb and thats most of his stack too. also hes never getting called unless his opponent has a monster (scott would have 33% equity at best) though he might get ivan to fold AK, JJ or weaker.

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  3. so if u say that he would have been allin on the flop if he just called then u dont understand when u must mostly depends on how many chips u have compared to the blinds and how many players left

  4. if he just called he would have about 56 big blinds and still in a dominant chip position, absolutely no reason to push on the flop only a donk who cant win under any circumstances would push there, its the wrong strategy when u have so many chips, what he does is called short stack play, pushing allmost his whole stack for a 4 mil bet with A9, bad final table strategy

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  6. @AdolfNewton a9 suited 5 handed is much stronger than it it is at a 9 handed table and even if he did just flat call he was getting the rest of his stack in with that flop… flush draw and overs

  7. And that’s why Demidov is so much better then Montgomery, he picks his spots beautifully 🙂

  8. Blinds are at 250k/500k. Montgomery raised it to 3 times the blind because he raised it to 1.5 mil. Demidov reraised to 4 million. In order for Montgomery to call, he has to put 2.5 mil more which is 5 blinds. But what does he do? He gets very emotional about position reraises that he goes all-in pushing with 50 blinds of his 62 blinds or so. All it took was for him to call and if he doesn’t like the flop, he can simply fold and still have 56 blinds, which is more than enough to play solid poker

  9. No after Demidov’s raise he had to put in 8 Big Blinds or 4 Big Bets, then after Demidov’s reraise he decided to put it all in for 30 more Big Blinds or 15 Big Bets. He definitely overplayed the ace x suited but, remember he would have out of position if he just flat called. And given that flop, Demidov would have to call any semibluff. There would be a very, very small chance he is beat. Most likely he would be up against a draw and already be ahead. Especially with some good redraw potential.

  10. A9 suited was not a hand that you should push but when the flop came im pretty sure both players would have push their stacks in the middle. Ivan demidov was probably the best player at the final table. If you look at his play, his bluffs were perfect, his folds were accurate. To be honest, he was much better than peter eastgate.

  11. A9suited is not a hand to push with. He just had to put up 4 blinds more to see the flop. But no, what does he do, he gets insecured about it, he pushes all-in by putting up 50 blinds. That’s pure retard play. If Montgomery saw the flop and then pushed, then I wouldn’t mind because that’s strategical play of semi-bluffing and putting lot of pressure on Demidov.

  12. nah this clip is very biased,. what you dont see is that montgomery raised a few hands before and demidov kept re raising him (with rubbish) and montgomery folded each time.

    i think he got annoyed with it and just shoved all in to send demadov a message to stop re raising him, except obviously demidov had kings this time…

  13. say scott calls and takes flop he has nut draw. prob allin anyway. what u dont see is if ivan had been pusing them around preflop. ive seen worse pushes. people say scott makes donk shoves better than donk calls. at least he is aggressive. need to be to win a tourney.

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