Global Poker League Last Round

If you have been wondering what poker action to look forward the last week of November, you have probably overlooked the Global Poker League.

The playoffs of this event have started off from 29th of November. The finals of the first season of the Global Poker League have started off this week and will culminate soon, an event that first started off from February of this year. The draft event of the Global Poker League saw the eight managers compete when the inaugural season started off. There has been insightful as well as competitive play throughout the season. The first season is set to end on 1st December.

The playoffs have kick-started today with four teams in the finals that are part of the American division. They would be playing for the final spots this week. Every team would be represented by three players and they would be part of the best of seven in a heads up match.

The players would then rotate in every match. The first team that would win four matches would then move onto the finals. Every team will have four players representing them in the playoffs. The Montreal Nationals are first who finished in the number one position in the season and they would be taking on the fourth seed team, San Francisco Rush. The second match of the first day would see LA Sunset being pitted against Sao Paulo Metropolitans.

Those who wish to follow the actions that would unfold today and the remaining two days can follow the same on Poker News and other websites that are dedicated to providing live updates on poker events across the world. The fans will surely be excited to see how the final teams perform in the last three days of the month. It would also lead to a lot of expectation that would lie for the events in Global Poker being lined up for next year.