Video Poker Games Of Deal Or No Deal Hits Casinos

Gamblit Gaming made an announcement last week that it would be launching skill game machines of Deal or No Deal Poker on casino floors. The games were unveiled previously at the Global Gaming Expo and are likely to go live sometime this year.

The games were formed in collaboration with a subsidiary of Endemol Shine Group, a company which formed the hit Deal or No Deal television program. It is basically a luck based game that has some bits of tactics involved. In the show, the contest selects from 1 to 26 closed briefcases and each of it has different denominations of money. It can be a penny or a million dollars. The contestant begins to eliminate 6 of the remaining cases in the 1st round post which a banker provides a dollar offer to the contestant depending on the percentage of values of the remaining briefcases. The contestant can select to go to the offer or continue to risk that the briefcase chosen may have more money in it. The game continues from there and the contestant eliminates more briefcases and the banker gives more offer till the time the participant ends up wither with his briefcase or the offer.

Being Superstitious In Poker Can Destroy Your Profits

Are you superstitious? Then you are not the only one, most likely, up to some extent we are all superstitious? According to Wikipedia, “the superstition is a pejorative term for any practice or belief, which is irrational – it arises from misunderstanding and ignorance of science or causality.

Even the world of gambling and poker is not untouched to the belief of superstition. Gamblers also have a mindset that supposedly affects luck to some extent, in some way. Among all types of players the dice players are the most superstitious, but players who play poker certainly follow right behind them.

Fall Poker Classic To Begin

Fall Poker Classic is the main event that is set to start on November 10th, Friday at the Seneca Niagara casino which is part of the Card Player Poker Tour. This is the second time Fall Poker Classic has paired with CPPT and they would be holding a main event of $1000 buy-in no-limit hold’em. There would be a guaranteed amount of $200, 000 in the tournament and these would be two separate events that start from November 10th and 11th

Those who participate in the tournament can start with a generous amount of 30,000 chips and enjoy playing blind levels for 40 minutes. The winner of the event will also get a feature cover on the Card Player magazine. The poker room will play high hand promotions in frequent basis through this month. There would be $500 to be played as high hand giveaways every hour that would be held most part of the day during the month. The Seneca gaming and entertainment poker room will remain open about 24 hours in a day and seven days a week. The poker room located at the first floor of the casino cum hotel complex features 23 tables with 13 big screen TVs, free drinks, Wi-Fi, rewards for the players, free parking and large selection of games. On the gaming floor one will find keno, table games and slot machines as well.

Bilokur has the winning edge

If you are an avid poker enthusiast, the best destination to pinpoint trailblazing players is at the Global Poker Index. Players at the leaderboard are ranked on a weekly basis using a patent-pending formula that incorporates various factors like the buy-in for live tournaments for different participants.

Russia has in the last few years catapulted players to the GPI’s top 300 best poker pros. One of her trailblazing figures in poker is Alex Bilokur; he boasts a WSOP bracelet and was ranked 91st and later 94th in the GPI release list of 26th February 2015 with 2338.94 scores. more

Antonio Esfandiari-Poker possesses 3 bracelets of WSOP

When you play a game, what can you gain at the most out of it? You gain the fame after winning the game; irrespective of what you do so. There are many games herein to play so. But, the game which you choose, matters the most. Thus there are more games, to play so, when you think of playing poker game, you need to know the handling of the cards. Such a professional only can handle it so, where Antonio is one such poker who holds 3 bracelets.

Antonio Esfandiari is the Poker player from the region of Iran, whereby he was born in 1978. The player is first of all a magician, whereby he had an opportunity to play Poker, and thus the interest towards the game started in him. The poker is knowable for his performance of chip tricks. The poker is familiar for his winning of 3 WSOP bracelets and also for the winning of 2 WPT titles too. The player is known for his writings too, whereby he wrote a game based on Poker which turns available for iOS. The player changed his name into Antonio, which was the adopted name due to his desire to become a magician.

As the Magician:

He was invited to Texas Hold’em, and this turned his life into another victory just as he is in his profession by performing the magical tricks. The poker game is played by him, and he has gained victories too, as stated earlier. The poker has a brother too, who does play the poker game. It was by the year 2004, he won his very first bracelet. Then he captured the same by the year 2012, and also the same year he captured the bracelet by winning 2012E too. Apart, Antonio won his WPT titles by the years 2004 and in 2010.

Amir Vahedi played for winning each game

Amir Vahedi was one of the poker players, and he was very excellent in his playing job. Amir was also well known professional from the city of southern, and he is a tournament professional from the city of California. He had an amazing personality including the funny behavior. Amir Vahedi made an incredible deal in poker game with the actor named Ben Affleck. The Amir Vahedi played matches in the Sherman Oaks, CA, as well as in united state (U.S). There was some drawback in Amir that was, he always said that Amir Vahedi is not excellent no players in this world. And these things made more effect on his career.

His thinking was like that because he was knowing one thing that, he is not all rounder player in this world. But there is one more interesting thing always he said that, Amir Vahedi is one of the greatest players in the poker tournament. There are 142 cashes on Amir Vahedi in his poker tournament. In poker game, Amir Vahedi won the 3129029 dollars this total amount includes all of the tournaments in poker game. Amir Vahedi won only one Bracelet in World Series of poker (WSOP).

Vahedi was an unmarried person, and he does not have a child. Amir Vahedi started playing the poker game during the year 1997. The main target of Amir was to play the poker game for the purpose of winning the poker game and not for the existence. The main goal of Amir was to score the first rank in the poker game and not the 16th or 13th in tournament. The excellent idea and style of Amir make difficult for other players to read him. The Amir Vahedi is no more in the year of 2010 in the month of January 8th the reason for his death was diabetes. When Amir Vahedi had passed away, his age was only 46.