Being Superstitious In Poker Can Destroy Your Profits

Are you superstitious? Then you are not the only one, most likely, up to some extent we are all superstitious? According to Wikipedia, “the superstition is a pejorative term for any practice or belief, which is irrational – it arises from misunderstanding and ignorance of science or causality.

Even the world of gambling and poker is not untouched to the belief of superstition. Gamblers also have a mindset that supposedly affects luck to some extent, in some way. Among all types of players the dice players are the most superstitious, but players who play poker certainly follow right behind them.

For example, Doyle Brunson, he is probably the most highly regarded player of poker all time. He is the player who has poker skills and along with poker skills, he has always been quite a philosopher:

“Some things don’t mix concentration and loud music, wine and whiskey, superstition and poker. If talk about the superstition in poker then it is so destructive that it is costliest thing that any player can bring to the table is a good-luck charm. When I am remain doubt, I go with my feelings generally, but that is not the same thing as superstition.

Some poker superstitions that you must have heard about:

  • Player is wearing their lucky baseball cap to the casino.
  • Keeping the lucky card guard on the table while playing any tournament.
  • Avoid sets at the same table as certain people who seem to be your nemeses.
  • Aces & Eights – the hand of a Deadman was supposedly held by Wild Bill Hickok in the year 1876 when he was shot to death in Deadwood, South Dakota at the Number Ten Saloon. Players in large still believe the handoff Aces & Eights is an omen of bad things to come.

And there are many. But, the fact is the poker is a game of skill and superstition hardly do anything.